Globe Entertainment

Globe Entertainment is one of Flanders’ leading management agencies for Belgian artists & media figures. They represent 10+ media figures and take care of their bookings, appearances and shows. Next to that they also organize numerous music events across the country.

Our service to Globe Entertainment consist of providing social content and shooting video clips for their artists from A to Z. The social content we provide primarily involves video recaps of their events, for them to share on their social media.

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Let’s talk figures. We’ve seen an exponential grow regarding the reach and amount of views gained by our recaps. Before we took over the wheel, most recaps had around 14k views. Now each recap we provide has between 30-40k views.

Regarding the video clips. What started with one clip for Sergio, quickly became multiple video clips for artists like Wim Soetaer, Lisa Lewis, and more…




Lissa Lewis - Volmaakt (Officiële Videoclip)


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