Concept BY V is a high end furniture brand owned and created by world renowned interior designer Veerle Petiels. Concept by V has been dominating it’s niche for over 15 years and is now proud to present her ‘Back To Nature’ collection.

Producing a premium content package consisting out of a 0:40 second brand commercial and some banging campaign billboard images for a high-end furniture brand in less than two weeks is something we like to call a challenge. Getting your deadline cut in half and (on top of that) also being asked to conceptually design and set up a brand activation on one of Monaco’s most exclusive events sounds more like the plot of a pretty popular Tom Cruise movie. But against all odds the underdog prevailed and so the NMC team succeeded in swinging a major home run for our new client and partner ‘ Concept by V’.

It’s quite the story to be honest. After pulling of the first miracle(time reference), by which I mean making our deadline for producing the required content package, we we’re having a drink with Veerle Petiels, the ceo and founder of Concept BY V, at the Belgian Cocoon fair hosted in the Brussels expo where she was exhibiting her ‘Back To Nature’ collection. In the spirit of success and a couple of prosecco bottles she revealed to us her true and inner aspiration for her brand. Which is launching ‘Concept By V’ in one of the world’s most beautiful and exclusive places :  The Côte d’Azur. As the universe was smiling at us we just received an invitation a few days before the conversation we we’re having) from our friends at the Monaco ‘World Sports Legends Awards’ to attend the event. Opportunity knocking at the door.



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