BVLLIN is an online luxury magazine and store. They share articles, pictures, videos and insights into the luxurious lifestyle on a daily basis with over 150,000 people worldwide. Their main purpose is to motivate their followers to work hard and attain the same lifestyle one day.

For the BVLLIN magazine we provide a content plan and also create content for their magazine in the form of photo and video content. Next to that we search for interesting sponsors to feature on their website and use BVLLIN as a platform to promote products or services.

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Our latest project is the BVLLIN DUCHESS. Lotte Feyen is a model and influencers on Instagram. She came to use to help improve her social media and link her to more interesting sponsor deals. Since we strongly believe in cross-pollination, we linked Lotte with BVLLIN. Since BVLLIN was in need of a more feminine touch on their magazine, bringing the two together was a perfect match. And so The Duchess was born. The Duchess will create content for the magazine whilst also promoting her own social media and increasing her reach and popularity.


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